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Offshorecorporation.com is a service of Lawyers Limited established in 1906. We are dedicated to our big objective

“To protect and grow the finances of our clients.”

General Corporate Services, Inc. and its family of companies have served thousands of business people, attorneys, accountants, physicians and others. Most importantly, General Corporate Services, Inc. is committed to the bedrock values of Honesty, Value, Service and Customer Satisfaction.

You can trust General Corporate Services and Offshorecorporation.com as your long-term associates in business. We have a commitment to excellence in providing you with the finest Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnership, Trusts and offshore banking services. Moreover, we care about giving our best to our treasured customers at economical prices. Contact us via telephone or e-mail. Allow us to serve you. You’ll be glad you did.

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General Corporate Services, Inc.

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Our Corporate Headquarters
We are located in Santa Clarita, California, which touches the North border of the City of Los Angeles. Here is our historical headquarters. Feel free to call or meet us for a personal appointment:

General Corporate Services, Inc.
28015 Smyth Drive
Santa Clarita, California 91355

Mailing address:

General Corporate Services, Inc.
23638 Lyons Ave #223
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Telephone: 1-888-338-9868

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I learned a lot about how exposed I was to lawsuits and judgements, I protected my wealth with several instruments.

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- J.P. Dumini

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I’ve learned that nobody wins in a lawsuit, the only way to ensure that you don’t lose, is to have something in place when you need it.

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- J.M. Ansen, Los Angeles